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No crisis plan for this: PR pros recall how 9/11 shaped their lives and careers

Like anyone old enough to remember 2001, PR pros can recall 9/11 as if it was yesterday, including where they were and what they were doing when the worst terrorist attack in American history happened. 

While the attacks on New York and Washington, DC, happened 20 years ago, some of the lessons from that horrible time are instructive today amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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20 Years Later, It Remains About the People, Growth and Vision

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since we opened our doors at Allison+Partners. I remember it like it was yesterday – the excitement, the nervousness and thrill of starting something new. Scott Allison and Andy Hardie-Brown had the notion of acquiring the West Coast offices of our previous agency, and Jonathan Heit, Matt Lorenz and I all jumped on board. 20 years later, we are all still here. What was a 20-person agency is now a global firm with more than 500 people from around the globe.

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Why Working at A Public Relations Agency is a Great Career Choice

We've all heard that the PR agency world is fast-paced, competitive and often lands on the most stressful jobs lists – along with doctors, surgeons, dentists, firefighters and police officers. 

No, public relations is not life and death – it’s PR, not ER. It’s exciting, rewarding and fun. PR people are storytellers, and most importantly, industry professionals who want to help their clients tell their stories to their numerous stakeholder audiences. 

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The Gateway to Innovation

Is Marketing Innovation the Answer to 2021 Key Challenges?

This blog was also published on The Drum.If 2021 had a mantra it would undoubtedly be, time for change. The pandemic brought all the challenges (and opportunities) for brands. In fact, marketers often pondered what to say, how to say it and should I even say it at all. Coming out of quarantine people want greater meaning and authentic connections with brands. Reflecting this, over 80% of marketing leaders are looking to rescale or reinvent the majority of their key strategies (Gartner, Jan 2021). CMOs need to drive to higher business level KPIs while lowering costs. Brands that understand disruption for what it really is — the gateway to innovation — will be on the best footing to not just survive, but thrive in the coming months and years.

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